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CAO Points Guide 2020

Welcome to the Independent.ie CAO points guide, which enables you to search for the first and second round points on all the courses available through the CAO.

Education 2020

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Code Course
2020 Round 2 2020 Round 1
Dublin Business School
DB502 Computing (Data Analytics and Big Data) 341 341
DB517 Marketing (Event Management) 238 238
DB521 Accounting and Finance 195 225
DB527 Applied Social Care 234 234
DB528 Applied Social Care 0 0
DB566 Social Science 220 220
DB563 Arts 161 161
DB568 Law 219 219
DB572 Business in Accounting 117 119
DB504 Computing (Web and Mobile Technology) 281 n.a.
DB574 Business in Information Technology 136 136
DB512 Business Studies 203 218
DB501 Computing (Cloud Computing) 227 227
DB515 Business Studies (Human Resource Management) 244 244
DB503 Computing (Software Development) 225 225
DB518 Marketing (Digital Media) 209 n.a.
DB524 Business (Information Systems) 309 342
DB562 Psychology 229 243
DB534 Sound Engineering and Music Production 0 0
DB567 Film and Creative Media 202 218
DB571 Business Studies 173 173
DB569 Business (Psychology) 252 252
Dublin City University
DC175 Physics General Entry (options) 402 419
DC002 Education - Primary Teaching 488 488
DC118 Gnó agus Gaeilge / Business and Irish 359 359
DC217 Intellectual Disability Nursing 370 370
DC190 Electronic and Computer Engineering (with choice of four majors) 413 413
DC004 Education - Primary Teaching (Church of Ireland Centre formerly CICE) 409 # 941
DC230 Economics, Politics and Law 435 435
DC120 Enterprise Computing 357 357
DC010 Post Primary Teacher Education - Religious Education and English 429 441
DC195 Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering 425 425
DC232 Law and Society (BCL) 466 466
DC123 Data Science 465 465
DC012 Post Primary Teacher Education - Religious Education and Music 378 # 378
DC200 Common Entry into Engineering (Undenominated Entry) 422 422
DC238 Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation 377 377
DC127 Common Entry into Actuarial and Financial Mathematics 520 532
DC014 BA in Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance (audition) 419 # 419
DC202 Sport Science and Health 498 * 500
DC240 Marketing, Innovation and Technology 474 476
DC132 Journalism 422 429
DC111 Business Studies 488 488
DC204 Athletic Therapy and Training 519 522
DC292 Arts (Joint Honours) - Law 403 403
DC155 Applied Language and Translation Studies 387 387
DC113 Global Business (Germany) 462 462
DC206 Physical Education with Mathematics 499 499
DC295 Arts (Joint Honours) - Politics 376 376
DC162 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 521 521

* Not all on this score were offered a place;
# Test/interview/portfolio/audition;

Understanding the symbols

  • The first column gives the Round 1 cut-off points in 2020.
  • The second column gives the Round 2 cut-off points in 2020.
  • The symbol * after a cut-off point means that not all applicants on this point were offered a place. Random selection was used for those tying on cut-off points.
  • The symbol v after a cut-off point means: New competition for available places
  • Medicine, where entry is based on a HPAT score combined with Leaving Certificate scores (adjusted above 550 points) is an exception. Applicants with the same combined score are ranked in order of their Leaving Certificate pre-adjusted points and random selection employed where applicants are tied on both combined score and pre-adjusted points.
  • The symbol # - with a cut-off point - means that an additional selection mechanism such as a test/interview/portfolio/audition was used. Applicants who are successful in their tests are then ranked in order of their Leaving Cert points or a combination of points and test score.
  • The symbol # - without any points - means that places were offered on the basis of performance in the test or portfolio, usually provided that the applicant met at least the minimum standard necessary in the Leaving Cert.
  • #+matric is used for NCAD portfolio-type courses.
  • Where AQA appears instead of points, it means that all qualified applicants to a course were offered a place.
  • Candidates may count their LCVP Links Modules score as one of their best six subjects.
  • Some colleges award points for foundation-level maths.
  • Points are calculated by adding the scores of a candidate’s best six subjects together.
  • All colleges award 25 bonus points for a minimum H6 in higher-level maths.

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