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CAO Points Guide 2020

Welcome to the Independent.ie CAO points guide, which enables you to search for the first and second round points on all the courses available through the CAO.

Education 2020

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Code Course
2020 Round 2 2020 Round 1
IT Sligo
SG251 Computing (Smart Technologies) 327 327
SG535 Business Administration 228 228
SG142 Business in International Marketing and Languages (French) 279 279
SG135 Business in Tourism with Event Management 187 187
SG334 Mechatronic Engineering 290 290
SG537 Marketing and Sales 234 234
SG253 Computer Networks and Cloud Infrastructure 324 324
SG146 Accounting 309 309
SG137 Computing (Computer Networks and Cloud Infrastructure) 324 324
SG338 Civil Engineering 245 245
SG342 Civil Engineering 415 415
SG148 Tourism with Event Management 269 269
SG401 Science 209 209
IT Tralee
TL701 Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Design (Level 7) 228 228
TL891 Mental Health Nursing and Mature Applicants 378 389
TL781 Social Care 225 225
TL831 Business Studies (Major Specialism in: Acctng or Mktg or Mgmnt) 306 306
TL710 Computing with Software Development 232 232
TL845 Civil Engineering 325 325
TL715 Computing (Degree Award options) 251 251
TL848 Agricultural Science 308 308
TL731 Business (Major Specialism in: Acctng or Mktg or Mgmnt) 219 219
TL855 Pharmaceutical Science (Degree Award options) 317 317
TL745 Civil and Environmental Engineering 261 261
TL871 Health and Leisure (Degree Award options) 300 300
TL748 Agricultural Science 249 249
TL873 Coaching and Sports Performance 289 289
TL758 Animal Bioscience 251 251
TL802 TV, Radio and New Media (Level 8) 325 325
TL620 Culinary Arts 189 189
TL881 Social Care 308 308
TL772 Health and Leisure with Massage 218 218
TL811 Computing with Games Development 358 358
TL652 Pharmacy Technician 260 260
TL890 General Nursing and Mature Applicants 414 440
TL780 Early Childhood Care and Education 234 234
TL823 Event Management (3 year programme) 299 299
TL702 TV, Radio and New Media (Level 7) 243 243
TL844 Agricultural Engineering 300 300
TL711 Computing with Games Development 224 224
TL847 Manufacturing Engineering 302 302
TL716 Computer Systems and Networking 269 269
TL851 Wildlife Biology (Degree Award options) 309 309
TL744 Agricultural Engineering 243 243
TL858 Veterinary Bioscience 308 308
TL747 Engineering in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering 200 200
TL872 Health and Leisure with Massage 309 309
TL755 Pharmaceutical Science (Degree Award options) 261 261
TL801 Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Design (Level 8) 281 281
TL880 Early Childhood Care and Education 307 307

* Not all on this score were offered a place;
# Test/interview/portfolio/audition;

Understanding the symbols

  • The first column gives the Round 1 cut-off points in 2020.
  • The second column gives the Round 2 cut-off points in 2020.
  • The symbol * after a cut-off point means that not all applicants on this point were offered a place. Random selection was used for those tying on cut-off points.
  • The symbol v after a cut-off point means: New competition for available places
  • Medicine, where entry is based on a HPAT score combined with Leaving Certificate scores (adjusted above 550 points) is an exception. Applicants with the same combined score are ranked in order of their Leaving Certificate pre-adjusted points and random selection employed where applicants are tied on both combined score and pre-adjusted points.
  • The symbol # - with a cut-off point - means that an additional selection mechanism such as a test/interview/portfolio/audition was used. Applicants who are successful in their tests are then ranked in order of their Leaving Cert points or a combination of points and test score.
  • The symbol # - without any points - means that places were offered on the basis of performance in the test or portfolio, usually provided that the applicant met at least the minimum standard necessary in the Leaving Cert.
  • #+matric is used for NCAD portfolio-type courses.
  • Where AQA appears instead of points, it means that all qualified applicants to a course were offered a place.
  • Candidates may count their LCVP Links Modules score as one of their best six subjects.
  • Some colleges award points for foundation-level maths.
  • Points are calculated by adding the scores of a candidate’s best six subjects together.
  • All colleges award 25 bonus points for a minimum H6 in higher-level maths.

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