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Monday 15 October 2018

CAO Guide 2017

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Code Course Points
2015 Final Round 2015 Mid Points
Dublin Institute of Technology
DT035 Electrical Services and Energy Management 0 0
DT321 Business and Law 465 480
DT572 Early Childhood Education 380 410
Dun Laoghaire IADT
DL827 Visual Arts Practice (Fine Art) 705 # 915
DL821 English Media and Cultural Studies 210 315
DL828 Modelmaking Design and Digital Effects 660 # 910
DL830 Design for Stage and Screen (Makeup Design) 620 # 770
DL825 Applied Psychology 380 425
DL832 Animation 1000 # 1060
DL836 Creative Computing 230 355
DL826 Visual Communication Design 815 # 985
DL834 Film and Television Production 825 # 995
DL701 Business Studies - Entrepreneurship 200 310
DL822 Business Studies and Arts Management 225 325
DL704 Creative Music Production 795 # 955
DL829 Design for Stage and Screen (Costume Design) 600 # 890
DL831 Design for Stage and Screen (Production Design) 617 # 945
DL823 Business Studies in Entrepreneurship and Management 235 330
DL835 Creative Media Technologies 250 325
DL833 Photography 700 # 950
Dundalk IT
DK881 Environmental Bioscience 310 380
DK872 Intellectual Disability Nursing 365 * 385
DK711 Business & Technology 165 305
DK770 Theatre and Film Practice 175 345
DK650 Culinary Arts 150 235
DK781 Science - Applied Bioscience 215 355
DK750 Hospitality Management 190 325
DK878 Mature Applicants Midwifery 177 # 185
DK882 Agriculture 355 * 385
DK812 Marketing 305 355
DK745 Construction Technology 120 270
DK860 Applied Music 480 # 625
DK769 Media Arts and Technology 180 315
DK874 Psychiatric Nursing 390 400
DK817 Business (Years 1 and 2 at Monaghan Institute) 310 350
DK821 Computing 300 345
DK742 Engineering - Mechanical Engineering 195 335
DK890 Interactive Applications Design and Development 300 350
DK640 Applied Engineering 0 210
DK880 Health and Physical Activity 305 340
DK863 Communications in Creative Media 300 360
DK876 Early Childhood Studies 330 360
DK870 General Nursing 400 405
DK710 Business & Management 140 315
DK830 Building Surveying 300 350
DK873 Mature Applicants Intellectual Disability Nursing 150 # 157
DK753 Culinary Arts 150 295
DK651 Hospitality Studies 150 210
DK783 Science - Pharmaceutical Science 200 335
DK877 Midwifery 400 * 429

How to read the table

These tables contain all courses currently available for application through the CAO for 2016, including any changes which have been announced since the publication of the CAO handbook 2016. Further changes may occur in the months ahead. Students should keep an eye on the college alert lists, which can be found in the student resource section of the CAO website. Applications can be made for these courses during the change of mind period.

This unique chart gathers together information in a format which is not available in any other single location. Courses are listed by subject area allowing applicants to review easily all the courses relevant to their area of interest. It will also assist applicants in reviewing similar courses which they have not yet considered.

Some courses may appear more than once. This is because they are considered to contain a strong element of two subject areas and students may approach these courses from different perspectives. Other courses may have been included only once, even though they contain elements which could be included in another subject area. However these elements are not the main focus of this course.

It is essential that applicants research all courses in which they are interested. Those who drop out of college in first year most commonly report that their reason for doing so was that the content of the courses was different to what they expected. One must not presume to understand the content of the course from the title or that courses from with the same name in different colleges have the same content.

The table includes both the final points for 2015 as well as the mid points. This allows students to see the minimum points that were needed to be offered a place last year as well as providing an indication of the points other applicants attained by giving the mid-way between the highest and lowest points attained by those who were offered a place.

In some cases there are no points listed as these courses are appearing on the CAO for the first time.

* not all on this score were offered places

# test/interview/portfolio/audition

AQA - all qualified applicants

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